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Счупи нови рекорди с правилната музика!

На всеки се е случвало. Отиваш в залата с идеята да се разбиеш. Слагаш тежест, с която никога досега не си работил. Изглежда страшно на пръв поглед. Има пеперудки в стомаха. Чувстваш се несигурно. Дали лостът ще те затисне, или ще го избуташ? Може да грайндваш 5-6 секунди, докато завършиш повторението. Но има начин да […]

The truth about abdominal training

[responsivevoice_button voice=”UK English Female” buttontext=”Listen to Post”] The mythical six pack: the infamous symbol of aesthetic appeal across the globe. Men have been chasing this mythical appearance for generations, but ever since it has been accepted as the marker for aesthetics (disclaimer: opinions may vary) everyone seems to want one. Men want to sport the […]

The cost of looking like a fitness model

After we published some photos from my recent shoot there was a sudden interest in the way I eat and train to have achieved such physique. A lot of you, my own friends included, started asking me all these questions regarding my routine – what foods do I avoid, when do I train, how often […]

Defining health and the danger of health advice

In the face of the global obesity epidemic (and all the pathologies that are associated with being overweight), people all around the globe are becoming increasingly more aware of their personal health. On one hand, that’s absolutely amazing – living healthy is now a global trend! Living an active and healthy lifestyle has become hip and […]